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Academy of Tantra & Hatha Yoga

Yogaji in France

Yogaji in France
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Our Yoga

We are Yogaji and our yoga stands in a line of a beautiful and old tradition.

Yoga came as a way of life.From generation it has been transmitted.

Coming from a Yogi family, we are happy to welcome you in our Sangha.

Yoga revealed storm and bright sunrise. It opened new perspectives and trained our persistance. It revealed to us the power of being true and joyful.

We share a deep and intense yoga practice through asanas (physical practice) and the awakening of life with pranayama (awareness of the breath), bliss and joy through the sounds (mantras), and a deep center through observation and meditation (Dhyana).

You can join our daily classes or participate to our trainings which are registered by Yoga Alliance.

Advanced or beginners, all can learn from the group practice and the power of the Sangha.

Our space

YOGAJI is also a sangha that invites you to practice all week with unlimited access. 

We offer semester or yearly fees so to engage you in a regular practice. As a consequence we offer affordable prices so that it is accessible to all. Any financial issues can still be discussed in person if necessary (students, unemployed...).

YOGAJI is also a place to share and talk and we offer you tea and catering after to exchange when time is here. 

Once a month a workshop is open for FREE to all our members to deepen there practice.

As Patanjali mentioned Yoga is a profound practice that only the power of your will can be the key to achievement.

This is why we offer you: our time and full energy to develop a great intention.

Be welcome!