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Yogaji in France

Yogaji in France

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Durgaji & Yogaji organization exists since more than ten years. We are in Kleine Mohrengasse 6-8, 1020 Wien. We are a Yoga center and an Academy. We have a team that gives regular classes in France, in Vienna and we do our different teacher trainings several times a year. Our family settlement is located on a lovely mountain in South-France (07360, Ardèche). We are surrounded by nature's beauty, some neighbours, forest, rivers, vineyards and by the sky.  We welcome you to practice or join our trainings in France or in Vienna! 

Our goal is to share the great knowledge of Yoga no matter how big is the group. You can come for a short retreat or a full training depending your need.

If you have financial issues just contact us to see if you benefit a form of support.

Numbers shouldn't be a limit to rise consciousness.


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