All 200h Teacher Trainings can be completed in our Center Durgaji in France

Durgaji in France

Durgaji exists since over then years.

Durgaji is a Yogacenter and an Academy, we have team that gives regular classes in france and do our teacher trainings three times a Year.

Our family settlement is located on a small mountain in (South-France,07360) Ardeche, we are surrounded by some neighboors, forest, rivers, Vineyards and the sky.

We welcome you to either apply for our summer trainings or start a training in vienna and follow us to France...

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Please contact us to know when will the next training start, all trainings are held following the best sanitary practices regarding the cleaning of the spaces, the size of the groups and distance to be maintained, we also require all students to present a negative COVID test no longer than 72 Hours and self isolation one week before their planed date of arrival.

We work on keeping ourselves updated to the most recent regulations and health measures. 

In case of starting an online Training we offer the possibility to join us in our Ashram after to complete the training. 

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Bas Praly

07360 St Michel de Chabrillanoux