Hatha Yoga

We have here a energetic and magical Yoga practice to get ready for the day. Advanced and beginners are likely to find there way. Our Yoga that is derived from Swami Satyananda. It is Powerful and finds its roots in Kundalini Yoga. Come to discover it.

Sound Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation

Open your body and connect to your soul through Yoga Asanas and Sounds to light up your practice. Expansion guaranteed.  Everyone is welcome.

Kundalini Yoga

A strong and dynamic practice, that arises awareness and energy.

Traditional Kundalini Yoga as thought in the scriptures and practiced after Satyananda and Yogi Bhajan.

Kundalini Yoga is spiritual and very powerful.

Pränatal, Postnatal and Yoga for Woman

Just come and feel welcome as a woman, we care for you, you can get ready in your own pace for what is to come.

Kids Yoga

Inspiring and great Yoga for Kids ! From the founder of the french Kids Yoga federation. Implementing the the method of Recre Yoga. The Kids love it ! The parents too...

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