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Classes  in  VIENNA

Our studio in Vienna is ready for a new year. You can join our saturday morning class or program a private class. Just contact us. 

We have regular workshop to deepen your knowledge on yoga.

Our next dates in 2024:

-22/23 September on Yogic Philosophie

-6/8 October on Pranayamas

-1/3rd December on Sound Yoga, Mantras and Asanas

-22/25 March on Asanas and Chakras

-13/14 April on Mantras, Asanas, Meditation

-10/11 May Advanced philosophie, meditation and mantra

For further dates and more details just contact us.

Classes are also available in FRANCE at our ASHRAM place. Just contact us for weekly schedule or retreat option. You can come all YEAR long for fews days or even weeks on request.

classes ashram
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