Due theCOVID regulations, we are forced to maintain the studio closed, please contact us if you wish to know more about our trainings in France or about our Online trainings.  

When do the Trainings start ?

We create an individual schedule to suit you.


Traditionally Yoga is taught orally and individually from Master to student. In regard to this we offer teacher training that respect this principle by:

-having small group (max. 8)

-arranged schedule 

-individual teaching so to go further on the path. off Yoga

-study of the older text


The training can be held in English, Español, Deutsch or Français

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Why should you join yogaji?


  • Worldwide accredited with Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance Professionals and Yoga Alliance International.

  • The lead trainer is a ERYT 200, ERYT 500, YACEP & RCYT, RPYT

  • Professional and dedicated yoga teachers 

  • Fascinating curriculum - Hatha and Kundalini yoga, yoga philosophy, traditional Tantra Yoga, pregnancy, kids yoga, etc.

  • All reasonable price.

  • A charming ashram in France, which you can also travel to.

  • Trusted by over 250 graduates.


Teacher Training 200h- YA

2400 €

Get a full grounded knowledge on Hatha Yoga, Kundalini and Tantra(intro), and how to teach to beginners according to the standard of Yoga Alliance. You will be able than to register as a RYT200h.

In this Training you will have theory classes & two Hatha yoga classes daily. Asana, meditation, and pranayama classes. You will have to read the 4 most important classical texts of Hatha Yoga (provided by us in English or French). You will have the opportunity to explore the city of Vienna during the free time! Though the teaching and learning keep us busy :) You have also access to the center facilities and 25 nights accommodation tea and snacks...

This intensive teaching lasts 25 days. Schedule and dates are determined according to your schedule. It is a profound teaching and an intimate group so to allow the best quality.

Teacher Training 300h- YA

3300 €

The 300h program is directed to yoga teacher who are interested to deepen there knowledge and practice in Yoga and Tantra. We give a greater understanding of the Asana and anatomy, the benefits of yoga on your health, how to apply the mudras, bandhas and meditation as well as mantra. It is a profound study of meditation and how to rise the consciousness.

You will be able than to register as a RYT 300h or RYT 500h depending your previous trainings and experience.

You can stay in our center during the time of your training (29 nights) and have access to the center facilities, tea and snacks are also provided... We are happy to welcome you! Just set a date !

Kids Yoga Teacher Training 95h -YACEP

950 €

Come and join us to participate to our children yoga teacher training.

This kid yoga training is a RCYT teacher training and is also recognized by the French Kids Yoga Federation. Yogaji provides you the method of Recre'Yoga, or fun yoga, that is a unique method to teach kids yoga.

You will learn about -The special benefits of kids yoga, Kids development and anatomy,The history of yoga and yoga philosophy, Study of the asanas and breath, We will give you 95 hours of kids yoga training and a RCYT certification and 7 nights' lodging.

Sound Yoga journey- Enjoy mantra YACEP

750 €

Join us for for 5 days and dive into the power of the Mantras and Tantra. Sound is the magical power to touch the Ether. In Tantra it is used for meditation, reaching the experience. Through the words and their spelling/chanting you can reach higher state of meditation and of consciousness. During our practice you will learn how to sing, to practice and how to share it? We provide you with all the answers. Let's reach meditation through singing.

Prenatal Yoga 95h - YACEP

950 €

A 100hours training around prenatal and postnatal yoga dedicated to yoga teacher or medical practitioners. Pregnant woman are also welcome! It is a profound understanding of the breath so to welcome the birth and deal than with this new life! For you and for your baby.

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Our Great Teachers

Julie Giacomini

Julie Giacomini devotes her life to Yoga. Born in a Yogi family, she is running a studio in France since 10 years and since three years Yogaji in Vienna, she trained hundreds of people and is a master of  Hatha Yoga. She has a great understanding of the posture thanks to the teachings of Manju Patthabi Jois and in the lineage of Swami Satyanada Saraswati and BKS Iyengar. She practices Sound yoga with the expertise of Patrick Torre and is a traditional Tantra teacher thanks to his teachings. She is experienced in Mantra Yoga and meditation thanks to the teaching of Swami Vidyanand. She is the founder of the french kids Yoga Federation and promotes the method of "Recre Yoga" for Kids. She is offering herself to Yoga and to you. Of all the present one can get, Yoga is the ultimate one.


Macarena Olea

Macarena join us this year to introduce you to the Knowledge of Yoga. She is sharing with you her experience of life and the teaching of Julie Giacomini. Originally into business management she understood that life carries a deeper secret that one can only discover through the practice of Yoga. 

life gave me a present and I love to share it with you

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